Style this week!

Style this week!
Look of the week. A hit!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ridiculously Fab rihanna

Well, everyone else can just move over because Ri Ri has a new stylist, a new body, new hair and her look could kill! She is possibly the best looking woman in Hollywood right now and I love everything she is wearing! Here are some of her great looks this month! 

This is just so fine... classic sexy, sophisticated, perfection.

 I mean, gloves, hair , dress... Perfection! If I was to go anywhere, this is what I would wear!
I love this suit. Chic and the color look so good with her skin
Funky rocker fab. LOVE the color.
 Ummmm, Boots please! wow.

SO cute.. love the shoes with the jeans!
Leather jacket and big Bun... just adorbs!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashion 2012

 Back from the holiday slumber and ready to dive into fashion! It's award season and runway shows are happening somewhere... It's the best way to kick of 2012! Some great looks from the stars at all the parties and events happening right now! 

 Oliva looks casual chic in her leather pants, blouse and oversized accessories... adorable.

 Cam's hair is fabulous! Color, cut, everything. SHe looks younger and chicer than I have seen her in years.

 Side view... and vamp nails by both stars. 

Red Red Red- Love.

 This is kind of her look- but it's a great day time outfit. 
 SHe is my idol right now... just fabulous looking... but her dress/ sleeves are too short for my taste. 
 Because she can look that good in silk shorts. I also dig her necklace. 

 Great LBD but I love the dark red lip with it. No jewels or hair- it's all about the dress and the lips. 
 Because she is a bad-ass and can throw anything on and make it look new and cool. 
 I love this. SHe is at her best when she taps into the dramatic. I looove the tule... and her face lift/ fillers.
 Young, fresh and casual chic... minimal hair and jewels... the sunnies are the statement piece. 
 Ralph runway... just LOVE.

 Her body looks rather flawless these days. Curvy but very lean. This dress looks fab.
 Love the pops of color everywhere. 
The motorcycle jacket is everywhere, but this is a fresh cool version... love. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chocolate .... for the helpless hopeless

This is for the girl who wakes up and eats the leftover cake for breakfast. This is for the girl who closes her eyes when biting into a piece of chocolate . This is for the girl who microwaves her chocolate to have it at the perfect gooey consistency. This is for the girl who orderers extra caramel and chocolate sauce on her sunday, and who doesn't mind getting a little chocolate in her hair when going for it... it is for the girl who caries a stash in her purse- it is for the chocolate addict. 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE chocolate... addicted really.  It's fine at first and I can indulge like a dignified french person...a little nip after dinner, totally harmless- chic actually... but then it turns.  A little after lunch, maybe a piece or two before dinner, just a bite before bed, and before I know it I'm breaking off squares at breakfast, dropping pieces in my coffee and going through a chocolate bar a day... totally out of control. 
I found an outlet... I had to! It's not for life, but during the week it totally keeps the monster at bay... and it's DELICIOUS! The recipe was inspired by Tracy Anderson's chocolate solution on her very low cal diet.  I changed a few things to make it even healthier and organic. Even my Dad, who is diabetic and loves only the decadent and delish, loves it too!  It takes about 5-8 minutes to make and has absolutely saved my life over the holidays when all I want to do is indulge in all the beautiful chocolates everywhere! 
Hope you love! 
These are carob chips... they need to be in this form in order to melt them down.  Go to Whole Foods and buy them in bulk. I don't know if you know about carob chips but they are rad. 
Take a 1/2 cup put them in a sauce pan and melt them down at low heat. Add a splash of water to the pan so the chips don't burn and stir  until smoothly mixed together.  If it looks too dry just add a bit more water so it has the consistency of melted chocolate.  Pore it all into a blender after melted.

Add the following to the blender with the melted carob chips:

 I add 1-2 table spoons of goji berries for texture. They are so good for you. Go to Whole Foods and buy in bulk. 
2 Table spoons of cacao nibs. Again, buy this in bulk not from CG. This is super good for you as well. 
 4 dates ( take the pit out). This is the key ingredient... makes it sweet and a bit chewy. My mom likes to use prunes but that makes me want to gag, however you can play with the fruit of choice if you're not a date person... figs are good too. 
2-3 tablespoons of dried, shredded coconut just to give it more texture. DO not use sweetened coconut, make sure you get organic unsweetened. 
 Use 1 tablespoon of non-GMO Lecithin Powder. Because this recipe does not use chocolate it doesn't have the fat to thicken it up once cooled, so this helps the consistency... it also naturally supports fat burning and other great stuff. 
 Because its good in anything! 1 splash of vanilla extract
 I would actually use chunkier fleur de sel, but I don't have it, so whatever. (Camargue is a good one) a few pinches. 
Cayenne Pepper is a nice surprise. You need only one small pinch... SMALL. for a hint of fire. 
Filtered water. 1/4 cup. Hot water helps everything mix together nicely and boiled water helps purify.

Blend it all together. Pore into a glass tupperware and stick it into the fridge. It will thicken up and you can eat by the spoon full!!! Totally fabulous! 

This is the end result! You can also sprinkle some cacao nibs and crushed almonds on top for a little crunch. This will typically last me 2 days.... maybe less. It is so delicious!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great looks of the month.

Some really great looks from October and November getting me super inspired for the holidays!
YAY! Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and isn't cursing the pumpkin pie as much as me! 
 This red number is so fun! 

 Long dramatic skirt with fur- great look
 Not into the nude look but adore the cutout gold
 Love a fur vest with gown... LOVE
PantSuit  Perfection
 This is an old shot of Kate but I love her crop pants... she does it so well

 I have posted this picture once but it is worth a second look-rock and roll chic, my favorite!
 I am hot and cold with these collars, but I love this dress
 So Chic
 Darling casual retro chic.
 Great LBD- so flattering and fun.
 This is pretty and flirty on her. Great design. 
 Casual and fun great leathers- comfy and chic... love
 This is perfection. LOVE EVERYTHING
 WHite Hot... she look so beautiful
 Love this dress, so festive and shows off the shoes!
 This green is Enviously beautiful... makes the cut of the dress look new.
Great party color and the bustier cut is so fun. 
 Chic. Great color & drape.
 Love this 50's look. So bombshell fab
 Donna... How I love you so. 


 Classic black Gown but so elegant 
 JB making it look great... look at her great clutch!  

 This is absolutely beautiful with the gold belt and chunky bracelets... LOVE
 WHite leather studded jacket- I need one yesterday.
 This is stunning on Nicole. The color suits her and the design is really feminine and pretty 
 This probably isn't the most flattering outfit she has ever worn, but it is cute on it's own.

 This Is fabulous. Love the color, love the design, love the trim ... love.
 SHe can do no wrong. Everything she puts on looks amazing... this is no exception.
Neither is this- I would kill to have her... everything... the yellow just shines on her-radiant. LOVE